About  me

  • BA in Leisure Studies

  • MA in Organizational Leadership (studied risk and judgement in outdoor adventure education)

  • PhD in Education (studied adolescent wilderness therapy)

  • Registered Clinical Counsellor (BCACC)

For more than 25 years I have been involved in the outdoor adventure and social service sectors. My work centers on ethical and effective outdoor therapy practice. I offer consulting services to individuals and organizations who want to improve, learn, and grow. I continue to learn and develop as a practitioner of outdoor therapies and provide education and training in child and youth care and counsellor training at the University of Victoria and with Human-Nature Counselling on Southern Vancouver Island.


We consider Dr. Harper the pre-eminent researcher in Canada focused on experiential education and adventure therapy.  His extensive knowledge, experience and historical perspective has contributed to Take a Hike’s program, evidence base and theory of change.  

    ~Gordon Matchett, MBA, CEO, Take a Hike Foundation

"Nevin Harper is one of the gifted thought leaders of our industry. He has deep roots in this work, fortified by thoughtful inquiry, and experience that can only be forged from thousands of days spent in the field or on expedition. He has a wealth of knowledge to share, and he shares it humbly."

~Tony Cox  CEO, Leaders of the Day & Chair of the Canadian Adventure Therapy Symposium’s Advisory Committee