Outdoor Therapy Training: August 2022
Yukon, Canada
  w/ nevin harper & leiv gabrielsen

Cooperating with Nevin Harper will most certainly benefit any organization involved in outdoor therapeutic or educational work. It certainly has for our clinical research project group in Norway. Nevin is a key international academic within adventure therapy and has extensive and varied field work experience – a rare combination indeed. Equally important, however, is his no-nonsense approach, honesty, humour, and simply the fact that he is a very likeable guy.    

           ~Leiv Einar Gabrielsen, PhD, Researcher and Outdoor Therapist, Norway

Research & Evaluation

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Sometimes it takes an outsider looking in to see the whole picture. 

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A profound and sensitive exploration of the healing capacity of nature and how counsellors from all disciplines can expand their practice into the outdoors...a tantalizing blend of clinical anecdote, research and social critique of our disconnection with nature and what we can do to reimagine therapy as a process of reconnection.


~Michael Ungar, PhD, Canada Research Chair in Child, Family and Community Resilience, Dalhousie University

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About  me

BA in Leisure Studies

MA in Organizational Leadership (studied risk and judgement in outdoor adventure education)

PhD in Education (studied adolescent wilderness therapy)

I have traversed front-lines through management, training, consulting, research, and education in the outdoor adventure and social service sectors. My work is focused on ethical and effective practice and I offer my services to organizations and leaders who want to improve, learn, and grow with their programs.

Knowledge mobilization refers to moving available knowledge (often from formal research) into active use. More than just "bridging the gap", it seeks to make connections between research/expertise and policy/practice in order to improve outcomes in various organizations or sectors.  ~wikipedia

We consider Dr. Harper to be the pre-eminent researcher in Canada focused on experiential education and adventure therapy.  His extensive knowledge, experience and historical perspective has contributed to Take a Hike’s program, evidence base and theory of change.  

    ~Gordon Matchett, MBA, CEO, Take a Hike Foundation


"For the last decade, Outward Bound Canada has been fortunate to have Nevin Harper in the role of National Research Coordinator, setting the direction for OBC's research agenda. Nevin has played a critical role in providing guidance to the senior leadership team on research initiatives, as well as providing insight and recommendations to programming and risk management committees and the senior leadership team."


~Sarah Wiley, Executive Director, Outward Bound Canada