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Looking up through the cracks in the forest canopy

About  me

    I have been involved in the confluence of the outdoor adventure and social service sectors for most of 30 years. My work centres on ethical and effective outdoor therapy practice. I offer counselling and consulting services to individuals and organizations who want to improve, learn and grow. I also provide lectures, webinars and training internationally. 


  • BA, MA, PhD

  • Registered Clinical Counsellor (BCACC)

Professional Counselling Association in the Province of British Columbia, Canada
Outdoor Leadership Training Scheme in Canada. Nevin is a Trainer for the OCC.
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We consider Dr. Harper the pre-eminent researcher in Canada focused on experiential education and adventure therapy.  His extensive knowledge, experience and historical perspective has contributed to Take a Hike’s program, evidence base and theory of change.  

    ~Gordon Matchett, MBA, CEO, Take a Hike Foundation

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